Essentials Program (1-On-1)

Have you been dealing with chronic symptoms seemingly forever? Do feel like there is a huge piece of your care that is missing but you haven't been able to get answers from your doctor? Well there is!

We want you to know that healing is possible… but healing chronic illness is so much more than just writing a prescribing. So this is why you need a health partner to help you get to the bottom of why you don't feel your best and how to navigate all the things that can impact your chronic illness. In this essentials program, we cover so many aspects of daily life that we can upgrade to treat chronic illness, from nutrition, to detox, to your environment and even mindset.

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Metabolic Reset Group Program

Ready to release the stubborn weight once and for all? Let’s face it… most weight loss programs don’t work long-term – and the weight typically yo-yo’s back right where you started, am I right?

One of the key reasons for that is because people focus on changing a number on a scale, rather than creating a healthier environment within their body to allow the body to naturally release the weight… without diets, deprivation or gimmicks.

That’s what makes our affordable Metabolic Reset group program so unique, helping participants release 20-45 pounds safely in 6 weeks!

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Wellness Foundations Course

Health is wealth… and when you don’t have it, nothing else matters! As the COVID pandemic has shown us, the best approach is to build a resilient body and immune system that can withstand whatever life may throw your way.

Unfortunately, too many people seem to have forgotten the simple lifestyle hacks that put them on the fast track to vibrant health and a state of true wellbeing.

Our super-affordable, “DIY” 10-week Wellness Foundations course will change that, with easy-to-follow lessons on sleep, nutrition, detoxification, mindset and movement.

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Free Mini-Course

Looking for simple steps to finally conquer your chronic wellness issues for good?

While everyone’s health situation is unique, there are fundamental reasons that keep far too many people stuck on their journey back to health.

That’s why we have created a free 10-part video mini-course that reveals the often overlooked reasons why the conventional approach may not have worked for you, and what to do instead. With new-found clarity, you will finally make more informed decisions on what’s best for you.

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Infinite Wellness Community

Do you want access to curated resources that will allow you to level up your health? Do you want a place where you can get your stickiest questions answered?

We take our mission seriously to help our community create vibrant health… and that’s why we’re continuously adding practical how-to tips and suggestions to our Facebook community.

Click the button below to join our Facebook community of like-minded health seekers and tap into all that goodness.

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About Infinite Wellness

Known for her successful approach towards chronic wellness issues, Dr. Francine Woods and her team at Infinite Wellness combine an integrative, functional medicine approach informed by advanced lab testing.

Our unique approach to diagnosing and resolving chronic health issues recognizes that lasting health depends on resolving the underlying root causes of your symptoms . Click here to learn more »

Unique Approach

One of the unique aspects of Infinite Wellness is that we look at the body in a holistic manner... evaluating the imbalances between different organ systems, rather than looking at organs in isolation.

Our approach seeks to empower you with lifelong health skills that serve you and your entire family – supported by our entire team. Click here to learn more about our approach with Dr. Francine Woods.

Your Next Steps

After you have reviewed the information on our website and in our downloadable guides, we’d love to hear from you – to answer more specific questions about our approach and track record.

Simply apply for a free discovery consult with our patient coordinator at 222.333.4444 or via our online appointment scheduler.

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