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  • ​​Find out what causes leaky gut (and why you want to catch it in its early stage to avoid more serious issues like autoimmune illnesses.)

Meet Dr. Francine Woods, MD, IFMCP

Born in Newton, Massachusetts, Dr. Francine Woods attended rotations at Boston Medical Center, the Roxbury Health Clinic, and primary care rotations through the Massachusetts Center for Natural Health. Her inspiration continued during work with Doctors Without Borders, an NGO that brings free medical health care to under-served communities in South Africa.

After returning to America, she spent ten years as a full-time emergency physician before becoming Medical Director of the Brookline Stomach Health Center. While there, she became overly aware of the limitations that “conventional” medicine posed. As a response to this, Dr. Francine Woods began studying Ericksonian hypnotherapy and body-oriented psychotherapeutic methods, along with herbs and supplements that are known to improve stomach health.