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Signs You’ve Found The Perfect Chiropractor For Your Autoimmune Ailments

While chiropractic is an established science as well as an art, and while there are many reputable schools training future chiropractors, the fact that this kind of healing touch is still considered to be an alternative form of medicine has kept many people away from these practitioners. Add to this the fact that oftentimes the […]

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The Man Behind Back Pain Relief With Chiropractic: Daniel Palmer

The idea of chiropractic medicine is neither new nor revolutionary. In fact, the tried and true methods used in chiropractic care were partially discovered and invented by Daniel Palmer, a Canadian native, in the late 1800s. Born in the year 1845, it took Palmer a little while to find his place in life. Working as […]

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Why Chiropractic Students Take So Many Basic Science Courses

The education of today’s chiropractic doctors is highly regulated and requires four years of intensive study, and basic sciences are part and parcel of the chiropractic curriculum. Basic sciences within the chiropractic curriculum usually refer to the study of biochemistry, pathology, physiology, anatomy, and even microbiology. These subject areas appear to only be tangentially related […]

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How To Build A Chiropractor-Patient Relationship That Lasts

If you are a chiropractor, you already know many patients will come to see you seeking an alternative to the more established physicians of mainstream medicine. Perhaps conventional medicine has failed them, or maybe they have experienced a bad doctor-patient relationship and it has permanently changed the way they view physicians. On the other hand, […]

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Chiropractic Care And Relief From Degenerative Disc Disease

Oftentimes described by sufferers as excruciating shooting pains that originate in the lower back, degenerative disc disease affects the discs that are cushioning the vertebrae or bones of the spine. These discs lie between the vertebra, but they also form ligaments that hold the vertebrae in place and stop them from moving too much. In […]

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Chiropractors Are Also Primary Medical Practitioners

Not too long ago, chiropractic care was scoffed at by internists and other physicians. But as time went on and chiropractic established itself more and more as part and parcel of acceptable healthcare, it soon became obvious that chiropractors attained real results in their care of patients, and soon the word spread and many patients […]

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Known for her successful approach towards chronic wellness issues, Dr. Francine Woods and her team at Infinite Wellness combine an integrative, functional medicine approach informed by advanced lab testing.

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